7/8/23 Travel musings, Insight and Spirit, Updates and more!
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Hello ,

We spent the last 6 days on the road, camping, exploring and reconnecting with each other and nature, on our drive to Big Sky, Montana for our nephew's wedding.  Flaming Gorge, Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park were a few stops on our way.

Musings to share from my recent travels.....

Unravel to Reclamation, reflecting on my personal health journey I am reminded of the need to unravel before choosing to reclaim my health.  It is an ongoing journey!

Strength, Structure and Stability embodied by the bison, this landed deeply in my body.  

Slow down, take time to visit and connect with yourself, each other and your surroundings. 

Shifting my lens to health.  It is easy to focus on what doesn't feel well, pain and DIS-ease.  This week I intentionally played with shifting that lens to what IS working in my body and embodying EXPANSION AND EASE.  Wow, for me the power of thought and our ability to create new neuro-pathways is profound.  Even in the moments of discomfort, I was able to find places in my body of calm, ease and vibrancy.  My practice is to EXPAND those pathways and areas of EASE and Health.  Overtime that gets to become the default pathway and will lead to elevated health.

Take care of each other.

Stay curious! Ease on in..... 🌈


Greeted with a Rainbow!


We met another hiker on the trail and he left us this message in the dirt, to make sure we would not miss seeing the marmots!

Take care of each other!


Thank you for the member feedback about the difficulty accessing zoom for group visits.  Depending you your personal computer settings for zoom, you may be asked for a password to enter the zoom group visit.  

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Understanding the Sixth and Seventh System of Health 🌈 1

Insight and Spirit Systems of Health with Jessica



July 11 - ZOOM with Hailey
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July 18 - IN PERSON
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August 8, 2023 Group Visit
12:15 - 1:45 (note time change) ZOOM

I am thrilled to share this workshop with you all!

Stress, fear and anxiety you feel with your
body is working against you.

Attend this special group visit with certified Inner Matrix Systems Trainer, Laina Eskin, to learn how to own freedom and joy with the body starting today, and every day of your wellness journey. She will explain the connection between emotions and health and how certain emotional states can reduce the body's ability to heal. Other emotions support your body to experience vibrant wellness and heal. As you learn to optimize your emotional health, you will be able to achieve results in the physical body faster, which will support you to live the life that is there waiting for you to live!

Inner Matrix Systems trains people in the Art & Science of Personal Mastery using our proprietary method. The IM Method—a powerful synthesis of the art of mindfulness and the science of neurobiology—involves training, aligning and rewiring your emotions, thought strategies and nervous system, so that you can create a life of your own design. This system has served more than 80,000 people over the past 20 years. You can learn more at

ISH Member Benefits include 1 - 60 minute private session with Laina Eskin, come to this group offering to get a taste of what Inner Matrix Systems has to offer.

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