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Hello ,

Making lemonade out of lemons!  When life feels like it is giving you lemons, how can you shift your lens to drink some refreshing lemonade?  This has been my work lately.  Lot's of shifts and changes in my life and the hidden gems and refreshing lemonade is a pleasant surprise! 

Did you do last week's ISH challenge?  If not I am sharing it again, its a good one! See below.

I want to shout out to you ALL, I love this work!  Being in collaboration with each of you on your health journey is an honor and a gift. Y'all offer such wisdom and insight into your own process.  Thank your for your trust and and showing up to yourself and creating health and vibrancy!

Stay curious! Ease on in..... 🌈


Change is never perfect, nor is it linear,  but when you take a moment to ask yourselves the questions below, you remove yourself from automation, and you step into a life created by the real you. 

ISH Weekend Challenge!

A colleague, life coach and friend of my recently shared the following questions in her newsletter that I want to share with you all on this topic. 

I invite you to take some time this weekend to check in and ask yourself these questions.

Questions I ask myself when I need to polish off the tarnish and remember why I originally committed to a thing in the first place, 

Coaching tip:  Please use these in the next 72 hours (studies show if you don’t use what you learn in 72 hours - you won’t ever use it). 

1. What do I say I’m committed to?  You state your desired goal here

Example. Getting into the best shape of my life. 

2. What am I really committed to? To find the answer to this question, you simply need to look at the results of your actions. Your results will show you what you are committed to. 

Example - I’m more committed to staying the same. I am more committed to believing the thoughts in my head that what I eat doesn’t really matter anyway because I’ll never reach my fitness goal. I’m more committed to believing the story that food is a reward, and that  I deserve whatever I want because this is “me” time. 

3. Am I willing to recommit to what I say that I want instead of committing to the actions above? If yes, restate what you are committed to in step 1 and why the actions in step 2 are not serving you.. If no, ask yourself why. 

Example: I’m committed to getting into the best shape of my life. I do not believe in staying the same. Staying the same would mean I’m living from a past version of myself not from the current or empowered future version. I do not have to believe all  my thoughts. My thoughts are not me - just thoughts, and I have the power to change my thoughts. I do not believe food is a reward. This was something I was taught at an early age, and I’m able to learn new things. 

4. What is ONE thing you can do today to show yourself you are committed to this outcome? 

Example: I am going to pre-plan all of my food and workouts this week. 

When I am recommitting to something that I really desire but my actions are showing me I’m committed to an old way of being, I’ll come back to these questions once a day until I see a change in my actions. 


ISH Community Connection Group Visit is IN PERSON this week! Tuesday @ noon ISH conference room. 

Last week's presentation was a general overview of the GI system.  The overview took a look at the GI system north to south, we reviewed the brain's impact on our GI system, how it starts with vision and smell to literally get the digestive fluids flowing.

The following are all ways to stimulate your digestion and the enteric nervous system (nerves of the gut) from the beginning:

  • Mindful eating

  • Using ALL your senses while eating

  • Being relaxed while eating 

  • Only eat when you are eating (minimize multi tasking) 

  • Chew fully (20-30 x a bite)

  • Gratitude for your food and how it got to your plate

  • Set a beautiful table (even if it is just you) flowers, placemat, china......

  • Eat the rainbow!

This week we dive into swallowing and digestion focusing on the esophagus, stomach, pancreas and gallbladder.  


Schedule change for Group Visit August 8.  Laina Eskin is reschedule to August 29 ZOOM.   

I am thrilled to share our new guest healer for August 8.  Elizabeth Joselyn, Artist, teacher, mindfulness, movement (and so much more) extraordinaire.  Elizabeth will offer and share her gifts with us August 8 on Zoom!  You won't want to miss this one!! 

Elizabeth works with all ages...... for the kid in all of us take a peek at her Spotty Scotty & Ms Beth Show!  

Spotty Scotty Story Time and Yoga with Ms. Beth 5pm


Leaky Gut & the Role in Chronic Inflammatory Disease

Leaky Gut & the Role in Chronic Inflammatory Disease
With Jessica Bruno, Functional Nutritionist extraordinaire!



July 25 - IN PERSON
August 1 - IN PERSON
August 8 - ZOOM Elizabeth Joselyn Guest
August 15 - IN PERSON
August 22 - IN PERSON
August 29 ZOOM Laina Eskin time change 12:15 -130

Have you scheduled your
60 min PRIVATE session with Laina yet?

ALL levels of Membership are invited to a 1:1 session with Laina Eskin, IMS Trainer.   


Each of us has our own Inner Matrix, which consists of our emotions, thought strategies, and nervous system, that drives our actions, behavior, and ultimately creates our experience of life. 

Working to support your neurobiology to rewire your thought patterns and those pathways that are well trodden but may not be serving you to elevate your life and health is a necessary part of a person's health and healing.

ISH Member Benefits include 1 - 60 minute private session
with Laina Eskin.

Curious? Come to ISH Community Connection Group Visit Workshp (8/8/23) to get a taste of what Inner Matrix Systems has to offer.

If you are interested in redeeming your
private visit with Laina, 

Click Here to Schedule Your Session  or email Laina directly at, let her know you are an ISH Member. 

EMPOWER     💚     LEARN      💚     CONNECT


What is working?  What feels clunky?  What would you like to see in Membership?  Your feedback is important to me!  ISH Membership has evolved since inception and will continue to do so based on YOU!  Please take a few minutes to share your experience and FEEDBACK below. 


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